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Author: Stan Telchin
Language: Hebrew/Russian

Betrayed! This word expressed a feeling of tremor that filled Stan Telchin, a successful Jewish businessman, once his daughter, Judy, announced that she has found another way in life.

Stan was shocked by his daughter’s words. He saw them as an act of betrayal against the family, against Israel, against the national heritage. Therefore he decided to put an effort in showing Judy how wrong she was in order to reunite the family. Filled with anger he turned to search for facts that will smash Judy’s new discovery. The process took several months. This book is a story of the true events that took place in the life of Stan Telchin during this period and also tell us what happened later on.

A Lawyer’s Case for God

Author: Jim Jacob
Language: Hebrew

Jim Jacob, an esteemed lawyer in the U.S., was an inveterate atheist. He thought most of his life that the Bible is a fairy tale but changed his mind following through study. In this book, he presents his views in the past and refutes them wisely and sensibly. And so he wrote in the book’s introduction: “All I can offer you is a piece of information that I wish was brought to my attention many years ago.”

The book examines fundamental issues such as faith, life, and afterlife. Is there evidence of God? Is the written in the Scriptures a truth? If so, why is there so much suffering in the world?

Jim Jacob answers these and other questions logically, in detail and convincingly.

A Lawyer’s Case for Resurrection

Author: Jim Jacob
Language: Hebrew/Russian

Jacob has condensed the evidence regarding the resurrection of Yeshua into one easy-to-read booklet.
This booklet is a good way to begin to discover the astounding evidence for the resurrection.


Yeshua – The Jewish Way to Say Jesus Yeshua

Author: Moshe Rozen
Language: Hebrew

Many years ago the Bible predicted the coming of the One who will redeem the world from evil and sin and will establish a new order. This book examines these prophecies in order to determine whether they were fulfilled in the person of Jesus. If not, there is no doubt that we – Jewish people – should reject him.

But if Jesus is really the Messiah, we owe to ourselves, the world, and especially to God of Israel who sent the Messiah to believe in the one He sent. At least we must examine the evidences and see what they point to.

Tanakh and the New Testament

Author: God
Language: Hebrew


Old and New Testament, Arabic

Author: God
Language: Arabic




Messiah, NT in Comics

Language: Farsi